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House Blessings and Cleansing

It isn't hard to SEE when a room is clean or messy.  And just as easily, you can feel when the energy in a home is not energetically clean.  

When life feels stuck, when you are spread too thin, then you know it’s time to spiritually cleanse.


No matter if what your spiritual belief system, you are a part of this world and this world is full of energy. Energy debris affects your house walls; ceiling, objects, carpet and furniture absorb everything happening in your surroundings. They can be the remnant of past activity or of people who have passed through this environment or your life.  They can also be identities that are not of the world of light and love.  All of this is under your control and you have the ability to cleanse this negativity away from you and your home.  

Look at house cleansing as cleaning dust bunnies that have accumulated in the past. Once the house cleansing is done, the energy lifts, brightens and circulates easily. It is always advisable to cleanse your house when you feel sad or have been attacked by fear or when your relationships become chaotic and people are not connected and in tune with one another. 


There are times when it would be best to do house cleansing. These include:

  1. After removing clutter
  2. Following an argument
  3. After occupying a new living space
  4. When a companion moves out
  5. After a break-up or divorce
  6. Following a death or an illness
  7. Following the purchase of a second-hand item
  8. When you desire energy to start a new project
  9. When you no longer feel comfort in your home and live with a sense of dread or foreboding
  10. Continual bad dreams or restless, sleepless nights

This may seem like a strange topic from a Christian based group, but this is addressed in the Bible on many occasions.  Yes, there is negative energy, even demons that can disrupt our lives and move us away from God and His comfort and joy. 

The good news is we have dominion over all these things and they only have power in our lives if we allow it.

We, the Spiritual Neighborhood Team, are here to help you to determine what is needed to to "cleanse" your house spiritually and energetically, to offer you love and support and prayer and to help you in all ways that are prescribed in God's way for a peaceful home that surrounds your family with peace and love.  



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This testimonial is very special to me as it is from my greatest critic:  my daughter.  I was shaocked and so moved when she wrote this for me to post here.  And I am humbled to be able to share this with you: 

I am under the greatest impression, that my mother (Deborah Colleen Rose) for whatever reason or purposes, is endowed with strange, but in my opinion "very useful", spiritual gifts. One of these gifts I can attest to very personally! When I was younger and still living at home with her, my older brother battling the literal legion of puberty and other things, brought a very dark energy into our home. I see what I call "shadow people" and could see these in our home and would feel utterly terrified in the night...my mother didn't think me silly at all because she is aware of these things and saw them too. She, with the help of her best friend, prayed over our house and I can honestly say I did not see the shadow people at my home any more after that...thank the Lord, and my mother for that, and special thank you to Miss Laura Baughmgartner for backing us up. The spirit world is all around us, all the time! Intuitive people are very good at being aware of this world and the past and sometimes future as well. My mother is by far one of the most intuitive people I know, and she's better than GHOSTBUSTERS if you have spirits that won’t go! She is a very brave warrior for God, and not a bad friend to have, to say the least! She is a Jack of all trades, spiritually, one might say, and she is the last of a dying breed of this world wonderful renaissance folk. Better call Saul? NO! Better call Deborah!
Caitlin Francesca Rose

I had a home in old historical area of town. We had some off and on odd experiences thru the years. Kids and I we having odd dreams and the house felt heavy. So I  hired Deborah to come do a house cleansing and blessing. She tapped into issues the house had immediately and cleared entity and blessed the land. It was all done with loving intentions and clearing for the highest good of all. Everything feels better and very satisfying to know that every area and all door and window was blessed with the land. She was able to see and interpret the actions that caused unrest to land and home from more than a 100 yrs ago. Energy leaves a imprint. We are so happy and the house is happy.

Karen D.



Shortly after moving back to the old house in Virginia I began to experience an overwhelming infestation of flies in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I could spray with Hot Shot, vacuum & an hour later have 2 inches deep piles of  flies dead & alive in the windows. I called Deborah for advice. She gave me a strategy of things to do & a couple of days later, no more flies. (One of the original owners died in that room in the late 1920s or early 30s) The old house was built about 1892 as the Superintendent's house for the Poorhouse Farm. 2 buildings were built behind it, one for the women & one for men. Only one still stands. I was told by Deborah that I had 2 confederate soldiers who did not know they were dead. One and  half years after I removed them I was talking with my boss and another person and told that story along with many others. My boss ask if I recalled the people being here 2 years earlier doing reality TV. I did recall the guys. She then told me they had filmed in the oldest building. One guy came running around, very frightened & announced that 2 men dressed in confederate uniforms were chasing him.  Deborah was able to see this and help me clear this area in Virgina, while she was working remotely from Dallas. 

Jane H.



A spiritual gift extraordinary and supernatural power given by the Holy Spirit  to individual Christians for the good of others.

Deborah Rose, our team leader,  is Christian in faith and practices many spiritual gifts under numerous names –

  1. prophesying
  2. intuitive guidance
  3. laying of hands
  4. energetic healing
  5. dream interpretation
  6. spiritual cleansing of homes and property

Deborah has been described as a Christian mystic and accepts this label in an effort for people to understand and accept her and her gifts. Deborah was first made aware of her gifts as a child but floundered for many years due to a lack of understanding and guidance in her own life in regards to spiritual development.  

She works with anyone who is wanting a deeper understanding and connection to their own spiritual growth. Adhering to the directives as outlined in the Christian faith, Deborah strives to offer up encouragement and enlightenment and empowerment through words of wisdom, knowledge and prophesy. She also assists in understanding of these directives and how to apply them to your daily life.